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Safari Blu Mayungu Sardegna


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Departure at 08:30 from the beach of your resort. Climb on a glass-bottomed boat, equipped with fins and lifejacket masks. Feel the breeze caressing your face, the sun warming you, the dolphins following you while they play at sea. Head towards the Marino park, where you can snorkel among beautiful colorful fish, or admire them through the glass bottom. Leaving the marine park, we set off again towards Mayungu, a series of fantastic atolls that appear and disappear, with tongues of white sand in the colors of the Indian Ocean, from intense blue, cobalt, turquoise, emerald green, to almost absence of color as far as the sea is transparent. Once in Mayungu (Sardegna2) you can stroll, lie in the sun, bathe, observe, the beautiful and colorful starfish and sponges. At lunchtime, you can enjoy freshly caught fish, octopus with coconut rice, lobster, octopus, fruit and drinks, on a laid table. Food will be prepared while you relax, thinking you are in paradise After lunch, relax, walking on an atoll that seems to have been painted between sky and sea. The return is scheduled for around 4.30pm. Hoping that the day spent with us has left you a good memory.

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