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The Tamarind Dhow Cruise

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Duncan Willetts

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The Tamarind Dhow Cruise offers an enchanting experience that seamlessly blends the rich history of traditional Arabian sailing vessels with modern luxury and elegance. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Kenyan coast, specifically in Mombasa, this cruise is a perfect amalgamation of culture, cuisine, and stunning views of the Indian Ocean.

The Tamarind Dhow Cruise is the ultimate in romantic experiences.. You are swept off on a romantic cruise aboard an authentic Arab dhow around Mombasa island, a city breathing with living history. The dhow, Mv Nawalilkher was built in 1977 for trading. The Nawalilkher is 23 meters long, being the largest dhow on the coast. The dhow was purchased and converted for restaurant use and the Tamarind Dhow Cruise by the original builder Fundi Bini on Lamu Island. 

Cruisers on the Tamarind Dhow Cruise are picked up from their resorts or hotels and driven to the pier too start an evening of ultimate romantic cruise. A traditionally dressed waiter shows you to your table on the magnificent dhow. You are served a delightful cocktail made with vodka, lime, honey, sugar and crushed ice to enjoy with the melting sun. Non-alcoholics will be served a choice of fruit juice or sodas. 

A live band aboard the splendid dhow begins to play once the dhow sets sail. It is a picturesque setting as the dhow sails off into the sunset with a live band entertaining the guests that keep lively and excited chatter. The cruise takes you around Tudor Creek, you also get to have a panoramic view of Mombasa’s Old Town and Fort Jesus. The dhow is then moored in a sheltered bay at the head of the creek. Awaiting the guests is the smell of finely grilled lobster and steak, as chefs begin to cook the sumptuous meals. A four-course gourmet meal can be expected. After you finish your delicious meal, a waiter serves Arabic coffee in an original brass pot. Once the meals is over, you are returned safely to your hotel. A choice between evening and day trips is available. 

This cruise is the perfect opportunity for newly weds to bask in their newly professed love, or is perfect for those ultimate romantic proposals, or for treating a partner to a romantic evening out while enjoying each other’s company.

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