Holaa Safari Kenya

Lamu 3 Days by Air from Nairobi, Mombasa or Malindi

3 Days Lamu Beach Holiday About Lamu Lamu is a place like no other, a peaceful tropical island where life is lived at its own relaxed rhythm, but a place whose history is as mysterious and fascinating as the winding streets of its medieval stone town. The island itself is a beautiful place of rolling […]

The Tamarind Dhow Cruise

The Tamarind Dhow Cruise Safari Itinerary The Tamarind Dhow Cruise offers an enchanting experience that seamlessly blends the rich history of traditional Arabian sailing vessels with modern luxury and elegance. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Kenyan coast, specifically in Mombasa, this cruise is a perfect amalgamation of culture, cuisine, and stunning views of […]

1 Day Shimba Hills Tour

1 Day Shimba Hills Tour About Shimba Hills Shimba Hills is a tropical forest reserve located in the Kwale District of Coastal Kenya, East Africa. Spread over an area of about 250 square kilometers, it’s renowned for its rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes. The hill rises to an altitude of 450 meters above sea level, […]

Funzi Island and Ramisi River Canoe Ride

Funzi Island and Ramisi River Canoe Ride About Funzi Island Funzi Island is located off the Kenyan South Coast and has a population of about 1,200.  Funzi consists of four mangrove covered islands where Funzi Island is the main island and the only one with permanent inhabitants. Popular excursions for visitors in Funzi are the […]

Mombasa City Tour

Mombasa City Tour About Mombasa Nestled on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Mombasa stands as a vibrant mosaic of cultures, history, and natural beauty. As Kenya’s second-largest city, Mombasa holds a special place in the hearts of locals and travelers alike, offering a captivating blend of ancient traditions and modern aspirations. Let’s embark on […]

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing About Deep Sea Fishing Deep sea fishing in the Indian Ocean off Diani Beach or Mombasa is a wonderful experience Who wants to get a special fishing experience, should test the water at the Kenyan coast. Barracuda, tuna, gilthead, king cod and snapper can be found here and provide the anglers with […]

Wasini Dolphin Trip & Kisite Marine Park

Wasini Dolphin Trip & Kisite Marine Park About Wasini & Kisite Wasini Island and Kisite Marine Park are two jewels of the Kenyan coast, located in the southeastern region of the country near the Tanzanian border. This pristine marine ecosystem boasts an abundance of marine life and stunning coral reefs, making it a haven for […]

Watamu Safari Blu & Mida Creek Tour Dolphin Sporting

Watamu Safari Blu & Mida Creek Tour Dolphin Sporting About Watamu & Mida Creek Watamu and Mida Creek are two exceptional natural destinations nestled along the Kenyan coast, offering visitors an array of unique experiences from pristine beaches to rich biodiversity. Watamu: Located approximately 105 kilometers north of Mombasa, Watamu is renowned for its stunning […]

Safari Blu Mayungu Sardegna

Safari Blu Mayungu Sardegna Safari Itinerary Excursion Departure at 08:30 from the beach of your resort. Climb on a glass-bottomed boat, equipped with fins and lifejacket masks. Feel the breeze caressing your face, the sun warming you, the dolphins following you while they play at sea. Head towards the Marino park, where you can snorkel […]